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China Tour 2016

After a few years work, some appearances on Chinese TV and a few gigs in China, finally my agent in Beijing was able to invite us to make a tour in China.

14 days traveling across the country with the best band in the world ( Thomas Dahl, Tarald Tvedten,Vidar Eldholm, Peter Sæverud, Eirik Fluge, Christian Nordseth, Kjetil Fluge) was a great experience. They sacrificed parts of their christmas celebration to join me on this tour, and I’m so grateful for that.

A lot of strong impressions and experiences that we will never forget. China is a fascinating country, and we met a lot of great people that we look forward to work and cooperate with again in the future. We are continuing working with my agent in China, and will work hard to try to establish my music in China.

Can´t wait to see what the future will bring. Let the journey continue and stay tuned:)

All the Best, Christine

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