Despite her young age, Christine Guldbrandsen (26) has both internationally and nationally made herself very noticed. She is best-known for her strong and clear voice. She has released three albums: Surfing In The Air, which earned her a gold record in just three weeks with 30.000 sold copies, Moments and Christine which all entered Norsktoppen Topp 40 and several songs entered the top 10. Her newest album “Colors” will get released on April 8th 2011.

Christine loves writing music. Together with her producers she wrote most of the tracks on her three albums, and she also shares the credits on Alvedansen, the Norwegian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. ”Taking part in creating the songs is very important to me,” Christine says. ”The songs become a part of me, and that gives me a personal fulfillment performing them”

Christine began singing at the age of 3 in the local church choir. Christine was discovered at the age of 13 by Kjetil Fluge. In 2000, when Christine was 15, she sang at “Kulturbyåpningen” in Bergen. Among the audience was Sony Music Entertainment. After the performance Sony Music gave Christine her first record deal. The contract was a result of long dedicated time and work with Kjetil Fluge, Atle Halstensen and Erlend Fauske in the Bergen Studio Sounds Familiar.
In 2001, only at the age of 16, Christine wrote her first lyrics which was entitled Fly Away. Christine wrote this song as a dedication to her father, who died the same year. Christine has worked fulltime with her music since she finished school in 2004. Apart from music she also enjoys skiing and fast cars, but music takes up most of her time. ”It’s a sacrifice I’m more than willing to make though. This has been my dream as long as I can remember, and I feel really lucky being able to share my music with other people!”

At the age 18, Christine released her first album which was entitled Surfing In The Air. After 3 weeks, Christine received a Gold Record and the album had sold over 30.000 copies. After this magnificent result, Surfing In The Air was released in Finland and she recorded a music video for the song Surfing In The Air. The song with the same name as the album entered NRK Norsktoppen at number 3 and spent 5 weeks in the top 10

Right after the release of Surfing In The Air Christine and her team started working on her second album. The album was released in December 2004 and got the title Moments. The song Because of you became a hit on the Norwegian charts and was played a lot in the radio stations.

After a two year break, Christine entered the Norsk Melodi Grand Prix 2006, with the song Alvedansen. She came to the super final with 4 other songs and won the whole thing with over 10.000 votes! Christine then travelled to Athens, Greece to enter the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 where she placed top 15 out of 37 songs. In Norway, Alvedansen spent five weeks at number 1 at Norsktoppen and 10 weeks in top 10.

In 2007, Christine released her third studio album entitled Christine. This name was chosen because of the more personal appeal. The song Dansekjolen became a hit on the Norwegian charts placing 5th in Norsktoppen. The difference between Christine and her two first albums is Christine sings mainly in Norwegian, where the first two albums were in English.